Corona Cancellation

Due to everything happening with the coronavirus, the Philly Non Sport Show has been cancelled. In an email this morning, is was sadly announced that it cancelled in respect to helping keep everyone from contamination. The Canadian/US border is also closed to non-essential crossings so I could not have gone anyway.

However, they’ve announced the show for October and asked if I’d like to re-schedule, and of course I said yes! I truly look forward to it, and hope to come loaded with stuff for people. More on that later, as October seems like years away right now.

Please keep healthy during these frightening times – the situation here in Canada is similar to everywhere else – schools, universities, stores, restaurants, bars, bistros, fun places all closed. We’re all doing our part in keeping distant from each other for now. Gotta say, personally it’s not that hard, as an illustrator I’m holed up in my studio all the time anyway.

In frivolous news, my book “The Art of Sketch Cards – art cards undercover” should be available April 1st (possibly a day or three late), and will be available as an eBook for now, at $8.99 A hard copy will be available later this summer, with a blank page for collecting autographs. Remember, all my Patrons at the $5 level and up will get the eBook for free.

I do hope you’ll support the hours and hours and hours of effort that went into the creation of this collection of interviews and artwork by purchasing the eBook – it will help me keep the lights on, and show whether or not there is interest in projects like this. Feedback will always be welcome! I’m completely new to putting a book together totally alone, but I must say a huge thank you to Laura Inglis who has put in time in helping to beta read and proofread.

Below is a list of the people interviewed, and in the coming days there will be a few preview pages shown as well.

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