Fewer Sketches this Week, Sketch Card Book Progress Instead!

An update on how the Sketch Card book is coming along; and there will be several updates in the coming weeks! Quick note: every patron at the $5 level and up will get a free copy of the eBook after two months of membership. It is an enormous job putting this together, along with my current projects. Become a Patron and help me keep this going!

Okay, enough of that, here is what’s up so far:

I’d planned to have “interviews” with 3 card companies, 3 collectors, and 3 artists. Things have changed a bit! There are now 41 (yes, FOURTY-ONE) sets of questions sent out, so far the majority are to collectors. Five companies have agreed to participate, and I’ve heard back from four of them. A sixth will not reply to my invitation at all (cough-choke-upper deck-cough-cough) even though I work for them.

Below is a short post on the software I’ve been using, and next week I share another post about the writing part of the book. I’m up to 13,000 words (not much, really), but once my writing part is done it should be up to at least 15,000. Again, not really very much – a short novel is around 50,000.

However, that isn’t counting all the interviews… lol! Anyway, I hope people will find the book interesting.


Google docs online is okay for writing, but not great. Years ago I wrote a lot, along with my art job, and my app of choice was Scrivener. It is still, by far, my favorite writing app. so why didn’t I start this book project in it? Because sometimes I like to go to a café on the weekend to do my writing, and because I use Windows, I can’t use Scrivener on my tablet (I have a real cheap, cheap tablet). So I tried Google Docs for this.

I write all this for anyone out there who also writes and might be curious if GD is worth using. It is actually surprisingly good at a lot of things – you’ve got your chapter list (or what ever headings you choose) on the left, and that is super-useful! I just won’t use an app that doesn’t show you your chapters/headings/folders/whatever. You are forever navigating in between those things.

What I don’t like about GD is that it’s online (which is also what I liked about it) – I’ve become a mite paranoid in my old age. Also, organizing images, resources, notes and such are either difficult or non-existant. Scrivener really lets you organize everything within one package. Admittedly there is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get into using it, you miss it forever afterwards. Big thumbs up from me, runs on Mac and PC, and it’s affordable, I think it’s around $45. I got mine years ago with a discount after completing NaNoWriMo.

I’ll be transferring the whole kit and kaboodle over to my Scrivener and will be finishing it there – once I start getting the artwork from various artists and collectors, GD ain’t gonna be able to handle that. A bit of extra time but it’s worth it. And, it’s easy to get the text into InDesign. Lesson learned.

So all that to say that sketches and WIP will be a bit slow this week and possibly next as work on the book continues and escalates. ALL patrons will be listed in the book because, as I’ve said from the start, this book DEFINITELY would not have happened without you! And all Patrons at the $5 level and up will get it for free, and at least a week or more before anyone else.

This book project is becoming a little monster, but I’m so enjoying it. It’s great to connect with people and I’m learning a lot reading all the interviews. Thank you to everyone here who has taken part in the questions part! Oh, and I’ll be taking part in a few podcasts too to chat about it, and maybe do a small blog tour as well.

Thank you for sticking with me through all this! I can’t wait to show you previews of this little book.

À bientôt!

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