Alpha Readers, and Sketch Card Collectors Wanted!

Up to 12,000 words in “the art book”! Two chapters left to write, a ton of artwork to prep/ask permission for, and a minimum of nine interviews to get and edit (hopefully more if I get replies…)

Five days left for me to finish the major writing 😮, so between the book and a few super-short deadlines, I haven’t posted much art and stuff but will catch up in February.

Would you like to be an Alpha reader? I’m doing this whole thing on my own so sadly there is no pay involved, but on the bright side, it’s not a door-stopper thick book, and the plot is simple: what’s the heck’s a sketch card and who are the people/companies involved with them?

If there are two people who’d like to alpha read the book, leave a post or messenger me! The book will definitely need editing. Been working on it for three months now and my writing will be done in one week.

IF YOU ARE A COLLECTOR and would like to participate, drop a comment or contact me also! Collectors are harder to find. Three companies have agreed to participate, along with several artists, but collectors seem to be a shy bunch. Come on board!

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