Black Dragon – Creatures of Myth and Legend Artist Proof

—All the “in progress” images were posted over on my Patreon page as a public post if you wish to see them. This post is from January 10, 2020

How many mythical creatures are you aware of? I thought I knew a number of them, but after working on Perna Studio’s “Creatures of Myth and Legend” set, I’ve discovered there are many more than I thought. 

This artist proof card is very loosely based on the mythical creature called Peluda. What’s that? Well I’m so glad you asked… Below is the (oh so easy to look up) wiki page on mythical creatures:

  The Peluda (sometimes called the “Shaggy Beast” or La Velue which is French for “Hairy One”) is a supposed dragon or mythical beast that terrorized La Ferté-Bernard, France, in medieval times. It is said to have come from and lived near the Huisne river near the town.

The card was actually a massive ton of fun to work on. Just loved it painting it along with the LOTR cards I’m also finishing up and will show next week. In the meantime, have an outstanding weekend…

À bientôt!

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