Calling for 3 Collectors, 3 Artists, and 3 Companies

This is how the X-Wing looks, half way through. There are about 4 hours of work on the card so far (more on that in a bit), and as per requested, the emphasis on this card is to keep it light and bright.Ha ha ha, you say, that ain’t light and bright, that looks like it always does! Well, I’d reply, perhaps to you it does, but it’s MUCH brighter at this stage than usual, for my way of working. I gotta say, going a bit lighter is ok, I can live with this idea… The engines are not painted yet, of course, but most of the basic shapes are there. Details come later. Should be completed on Monday so all the WIP photos will be posted for this one.

And now. Are you a collector? Do you know one? Has he or she finally been released from Collector’s Rehab and wants to talk about it? Well you’re in luck – let me know, I’d love to do a short interview with that person. I’ll also be reaching out to at least 3 artists, probably next week, and am waiting to hear back from the first of at least 3 companies.

It would be amazing if you wish to spread the word around! This people can reach me at: ingridhardy32@gmail.comOn that note, happy weekend! 

À bientôt!

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