Dagobah Artist Proof from Topps Skywalker Saga

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This was supposed to be a work in progress, but because of switching around between projects so much over the past few days, I forgot to take photos where necessary. But there are a ton of projects in the works, so I’ll make up for it.

Luke on Dagobah is painted with acrylics and is an artist proof from the Skywalker Saga set that I think came out last August. I’m really behind on these. (if it’s a card you are interested in, Patron discount codes can be applied!) The photo is even bigger than the card so it looks a little weird, but in hand it’s actually not bad, if I do say so myself. Much more depth. The card will be scanned tomorrow and glaze applied.

There will also be at least one Patron-Only post this week, a preview of a set from a different company, and previews of those oversized Star Trek cards (patron only again).

Lastly, that book is getting written! Holey moley I’ve gotten stuff done on it. Around the end of the year I’ll be looking for 3 artists to interview, concerning the subject of the book – to be disclosed real soon-like – and 3 companies as well. More deets to come on all this in the coming weeks. For real because the whole outline is done, and the writing has begun. Might have to tone back my sense of humor *coughcough-sarcasm-cough**… It’s always been a part of my writing. Tee hee.

Anyway, that’s all for now!

À bientôt………………………….

#sketchcard #artistproof #acrylicpainting #lukeskywalker #topps #yoda #miniatureart #collectableart

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