iCardz Work-In-Progress: Cemetery Scene DONE

2.5 x 3.5 inches on iCardz stock

This is how the cemetery scene turned out! The main image show the completed painting with two glazes applied. Applying two glazes really seems to deepen and enrich the colors, especially because I’m using a limited palette for now.

There are 8 photos in total over on Patreon (a public post) if you’d like to see this art card’s progress!

Green is such a tricky color – tube greens almost never do it for me so I usually try to create my own. Here was no different, however because I only own one tube of green oil paint, it really forced me to play with it to create something believable. It’s maybe a bit too “bluey” but in hand it isn’t bad. It’s a mix of Veridian Green (in Pebeo colors it’s much, much too light for a veridian, but well, watcha gonna doo), a little Alizerin Crimson, a little Cad Yellow, and a touch of white.

The next cards will be acrylics, but there are a whole mess of oils I’ll be doing over the next few months, and they will all be work-in-progress, if you enjoy that. Do give me feedback if it is still something you’d like me to continue! The oil cards and paintings will be to fund my trip next May to the Philly Non Sport Card Show in Pennsylvania. It’s quite a way from Quebec so I’m starting now for the budget. I’ll make a future post dedicated to what cards and projects will be for that. For now, thanks for reading and,

À bientôt!

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